Blending Meets Drip

When I first began baking, more than 7 years ago, I found myself being strictly interested in children’s themed treats. I was making all of the kiddos favorite characters on cakes and cupcakes all of the time! And while I loved it, I still do, I started to become bored. Certain things are always trendy which means that parents were flocking to me for the same themed treats. And while I LOVE my kiddie treats I wanted to branch out and add some sophistication to my portfolio (yes, kids are not sophisticated…lol).

That’s when blending fell in love with drip. This phrase sounds pretty silly but makes so much sense when you see these cakes. I’ve decided to blend colors on my cakes (any colors) and merge that design with the very trendy drip cake. Makes sense now right? If not here’s some visuals to help you a little more. With these cakes I can use any color combination and add any thing on top, a bow, character head, or fresh flowers. I will be providing a few how-tos on my process for color blending and dropping in the near future so look out! But in the mean time, enjoy this eye candy.


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