Sweet Table? Do It Yourself!

I’m a kid who grew up in the 90s and birthday parties are no where near what they are now. I remember having a little cake, ice cream, hot dogs, balloons, and fun with friends. Now, parties have turned into some completely different, and I LOVE it!!! As a baker, I get the chance to help make some of these magical parties come to life. Party planners are pulling out all of the stops in making these parties perfect from the invitations, decorations, food, and of course sweets.

One thing that I am here to share with you is that you can easily diy your own party sweets. Yes, I make and sell them to customers but they’re pretty simple to put together, even for someone who isn’t very creative. Chocolate is the answer!!! Coating treats in colorful chocolate is SUPER easy and adds some extra pizzazz to any sweet table! Take my daughter’s sweet table for her 4th birthday (pics below);

Her table was very simple and consisted of a few treats, we had a small party with around 8 kids. I’ve seen tables plastered with treats and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming! The menu included; cake, cupcakes, Rice Krispie treats, wafer cookies, pretzel rods, rock candy, lollipops, and apples. Half of the items I purchased from a store (rock candy, lollipops, apples) and the other half I made (Rice Krispies, pretzel rods, wafer cookies). And all of my diys were dipped in chocolate. I’ll have some tutorials very soon to share some chocolate dipping techniques. But these treats are super easy, inexpensive, and tasty (for kids and adults)!


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